Kuusamo Holiday Club

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After 15 hours of travelling we have finally reached the first location of our trip – Kuusamo.

Our cabin

Cosy quiet place

We arrived quite late, at around 9 pm. The long and tiring day was coming to an end, so we just had a dinner and went to sleep. The cabin we rented was great, because it had everything we needed and even more.

We absolutely loved the place. It was nice and cosy and fully equipped.
Here and after the music used is taken from https://www.bensound.com/

Territory of the Holiday Club

On the next day we’ve had a walk around to see what was there. The nature was amazing. Even though the sky was pretty cloudy, we still enjoyed the view. The club is located in a pine forest with a lake and reindeers (and probably other animals) walking nearby.

Someone has already tried that mushroom 🙂

The ground was covered with blueberries, even though it was a bit out of season. We enjoyed some as we picked berries along the way.

One of countless lakes of the region

In the holiday Club you can play frisbee-golf. It is the same as golf, just with frisbees and baskets. We didn’t play it because we had some other things to do on that day, but it must be fun.

We’ve been walking along the paths in the forest for a bit more and then continued exploring Kuusamo. Check more in the next post.