Kajaani – Kuusamo. Road trip

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There were two things that surprised us on the way. One looked weird and quite creepy.

The Quite / Silent People

The author of these figures is a Finnish artist Reijo Kela. According to our friend, they serve as a memorial dedicated to people who leave countryside to live in the cities.

Heads of scarecrows are made of soil and straw, their plain wooden bodies made of sticks are dressed in colorful clothes.

Being there gave us some creeps. The atmosphere is mysterious. This place left us thoughtful and in a philosophic mood.

Here and after the music is taken from https://www.bensound.com/

Reindeers on the road

It was one of the cutest parts of our trip. It felt like a fairy-tale. Back in our hometowns we can’t really see these animals running freely. In Finland we met them as soon as we entered the “reindeer zone” marked on the road.

We met them quite many times during our trip, these were the first times

So we continued our way to Kuusamo, accompanied by reindeers, forest, unusual art pieces. We have reached the destination in 2.5 hours.

In total our trip from St. Petersburg to Kuusamo lasted around 15 hours. We were tired, but the destination was totally worth it. More details in the next post.