Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

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Our friend took us to the Nature Photographer Centre of Hannu Hautala to get to know the local flora & fauna.

The author

Hannu Hautala is the first and most famous nature photographer of Finland. He has dedicated his entire life to his work.

The photographer has spent many hours in cold and loneliness waiting for a good moment to take a picture. As a result he has many great shots of animals of the region that show their wild life.


The Hautala’s exhibition is located in the Kuusamo Tourist Centre. It is not big by seize, but it is quite hi-tech for such a place.

There are two touch screens where you can see pictures from different decades. Also, there is a room with screens that show a line of pictures connected with each other. They change in accordance with music.

My favorite part was a rocking-chair. You watch pictures on the screen and they change when you rock the chair. Was fun! 🙂



Since I am used to more kind of restrictive rules, I liked a lot this approach:

The exhibition is interesting, entertaining and nice. Recommended for visiting.

After it we moved to the main goal of our trip: Oulanka National Park. Read about it in the next post.