Husky Farm

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Our friend offered us three alternatives to visit: the North Circle (just to cross the line and come back and for this we would have to drive 270 km extra one way), a reindeer farm or a husky farm. We had time only for one thing and since we saw reindeers walking around, we chose husky farm.

Other animals

“Hello!” 🙂

The first things we saw when arrived to the farm were not huskies. There were other animals living there: llamas, sheep, pigs, horses, goats and rabbits.


The dogs lived by two in big cages standing in rows. There were around 170 huskies. They are super active dogs and many of them acted very friendly.

Some of them were more indifferent to visitors.

It is important that the dogs stay calm. Otherwise, if they start to bark altogether it gets really loud.

When we were there, we heard it happening. Suddenly all the dogs started barking and they wouldn’t stop for quite a while. Turned out that in one of the cages an older dog had something like an epileptic attack and a younger dog started barking.

It was not clear if the younger dog attacked the sick one, but we’ve got an impression that it could happen.

There also were several dogs who were outside cages, but on leashes. Probably there were not aggressive at all, so they were safe to interact with. However, there was one poor dog who clearly didn’t like it. When people were approaching her, she started running in circles and barking. She looked completely stressed out.

The saddest part is that many visitors looked at it like at an entertainment and were approaching her and then going away. This was sad, poor dog.

We petted only the ones who were ok with it. The best ones are on the video below.

After the Husky farm we had one more place to visit. Read about it in our next post.