Spring in Argentina

Hello Spring 2020!

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We have survived Argentinian Winter and are happy to welcome Spring!

The situation in the world is pretty complicated. It affected us directly. Our initial plan was to stay in Argentina for only 3 months. Where we would go next – we had’t decided.

Then due to the pandemic Argentina stopped all flights within the country and internationally. We got locked down in our South American home. And well, if life gives you lemon – make lemonade 🙂

The coldest and darkes time of the year is over and we finally can enjoy nature flourishing again.

Our garden has become my escape. I spend here days enjoying my flowers and the sun that’s getting stronger every day. Martin joins me too in breaks from his work 🙂

I start my days with a cup of strong Argentinian coffee with home-grown mint. I watch the birds that come every day to eat the food that we leave for them on one of our garden tables.

Birds’ songs are the soundtrack to our new reality. There are things that affect our mood. We may be worried about our future, but as long as we have this little piece of tranquility right next to us, we’ll be just fine.

Where do you go to find your own peace?